Sep 6th, 2019

This is Announcement from DSSystem support.

As the ownership of Asobi Wallet have transferred to DSSystem OÜ, we will develop and operate Asobi Wallet from now on.
Along with this, DSSystem OÜ will also operate the charging system from ABX to Points in DiSEL and the exchange of in-game credits from ABX for games.

The above services are currently available from PC.
Smartphones version is scheduled to be released from the end of September to beginning of October.

* Google Chrome add-on "Metamask" is required. Please acquire “Metamask” in advance.

● About charging Point
In “Exchange”, you can use ABX to charge your points in DiSEL.
Untilnow, 1ABX was converted as 1 point, but in the future it will be converted at the market price rate.

Point charge

● About DS-Pay
In DS-Pay, you can exchange virtual currency and tokens for in-game credits.
Currently, ABX and ETH is available to exchange. Other virtual currencies and tokens exchange will be implemented near future.
As with Asobi Pay, the exchange with ABX is a fixed rate equivalent to 1 ABX = 2 JPY, but there is a possibility that it will be changed to exchange at the current market price in the future.
If the exchange rate changes, we will announce you again.


Please be sure to follow the laws and regulations of each country for the above services.
Thank you for your continued support of DSSystem.

DSSystem support