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This is announcement from DSSystem support.

As recently announced by Asobi Wallet, the development and operation of Asobi Wallet has been transferred to our company (DSSystem OÜ), and the product name has been changed to DS-WALLET.
In addition, the operation of ASOBI MARKET has been transferred to Tapreal, Inc. and the product name has been changed to DiSEL.
Before the change, the operating company was the same and user were able to access ASOBI MARKET from Asobi Wallet. Afterall, DiSEL will be provided as an independent service in the DS-WALLET.

The DiSEL service can also be used on the smartphone application “DiSEL, provided by Tapreal, Inc. or the DiSEL web version as the follow.
*User account which was created for ASOBI MARKET, can still be used for DiSEL and user does not have to create a new one.

● Android version “DiSEL” | Google Play

● iOS version “DiSEL” | App Store

● Web version “DiSEL”

DS-System provides services for charging from ABX to DiSEL points and exchanging ABX with compatible in-game credits.
If you wish to use the above services, tap the "Exchange" tab>"Purchase Points" or "Purchase in-game credits" in DS-WALLET.

● Inquiries regarding charge from ABX to DiSEL points
DS-System Support:

● Inquiries about DS-Pay (exchange of ABX and in-game credits)
DS-Pay Support:

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