How to use DS-Pay from PC

You can exchange ABX to in-game credits for your games with DS-Pay.

From PC, you will need Google Chrome add-on "Metamask".
When using DS-Pay from PC, please install "Metamask" beforehand.

Add Metamask to add-on

Please check other websites for more details about "Metamask".

1. Access the DSSystem OÜ official site and press the “DS-PAY” button.

2. From the Select Game screen, choose the game which you want to exchange in-game credits with ABX.

3. Choose“ABX” from the Select Currency screen.

4. Metamask will start automatically. Login and click on“Connect” button after the confirmation screen to access DS-Pay.

5. Enter the amount of in-game credits to exchange and press“Purchase” button.
* The ABX Total will be calculated automatically.

6. After the confirmation screen for the wallet to send ABX appears, double check your wallet address and press the “Purchase” button.
If you want to send ABX from other wallet, switch the wallet and press the “Change” button with Metamask. Confirm that your wallet address has changed and then press the “Purchase” button.

* ABX is ERC20 token which was created using the Ethereum blockchain, ETH needs a gas (transaction fee) when sending.
Please note that if you do not own any or have not enought amount of ETH, it will not be sent.

7. After Metamask starts, check your ABX transaction amount is correct and press the “Confirm” button.

8. Once the transaction has been sent, please wait until the transfer process completes.

When the sending process completes, “CONFIRMED” will be displayed in the Metamask's History (transaction history).
If the in-game credits has not been reflected in the game after waiting for a while, please contact DS-Pay support (
DS-Pay order history can be confirmed from “ABX Purchase history”.